About Me

I have been interested in nutrition and healthy eating for many years and the relationship between food and emotions. My journey began in 1992 after a personal crisis led me to focus on my own health and lifestyle. What I discovered led me to totally rethink my approach to food and the role it played in my life. I am passionate about preparing and eating wholefoods and believe that what we eat and the way we live our lives can transform our health. 

Having researched many different nutritional therapies, I finally settled on Macrobiotics as it offers what I feel to be the most balanced, natural and holistic approach to healing. As a Macrobiotic healing guide my aim is to encourage, inform and inspire people to take full responsibility for their own health and make lasting changes to the way they eat and live their lives.

I studied at the International Macrobiotic School in Devon which offers the most comprehensive and holistic training available, including Eastern and Western anatomy and physiology, Oriental diagnosis, Do-in, Shiatsu, palm healing and emotional work.  

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