What does a Macrobiotic consultation involve?

A Macrobiotic consultation is an in-depth review of your overall health, diet and lifestyle leading to a diagnosis of your present condition and a full set of individual dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Macrobiotic practitioners rarely recommend the use of supplements and rely soley on the healing power of food and lifestyle changes to transform health. Recommendations include information about what to buy and how to prepare a range of Macrobiotic dishes. The consultation may include some gentle exercise and bodywork if appropriate.

Do I get any practical help?

Cooking lessons, hands-on workshops and demonstrations are an important feature of Macrobiotic practice. Introducing new foods into your diet and leaving out others can sometimes be challenging. Cooking lessons for individuals or small groups are available as is help with menu planning on a weekly or monthly basis.

What does it cost?

The first full Macrobiotic consultation takes approximately 60-90 minutes and costs £45. Follow up appointments are usually shorter and take 45-60 minutes. These are charged at £40. Telephone and Skype interviews can be arranged if travelling is difficult.

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